About Spark

As a company of inventors, Qualcomm is in the vision business—we create the sparks that become the next amazing technologies, and we build platforms that power an entire ecosystem of creators and inventors. Together with this ecosystem, we’re inventing the future of communication, of technological empowerment, and of the world—and it all originates with that initial creative spark. We created Qualcomm Spark to tell the stories of the ecosystem, to capture the sparks as they appear, and to share our vision of what the future can look like. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Please send them to sparkeditor@qualcomm.com.

Spark Contributors

Dan Novak - Executive Producer
Dan has more than 20 years of experience in programming and content creation. In his current role as Qualcomm’s vice president of global marketing, Public Relations, and Communications, he develops the company’s overarching brand and communications strategy and leads its digital and web programs. Previously, he served as vice president of programming and advertising for MediaFLO USA, a mobile television technology subsidiary. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Novak served as the vice president and general manager of Channel 4 San Diego. He began his television career as a sports anchor, reporter and producer for NBC affiliates.
Liya Sharif - Publisher
At Qualcomm, Liya spearheads the group of content strategists, editors, new media, video, digital, and creative experts. She pioneered the global social media program, launched the first-ever company blog, OnQ, and inspired the strategy behind Spark. She and her team focus on developing original content, onsite programs and immersive campaigns that have generated millions of views. Before joining Qualcomm in 2009, Liya was senior vice president and managing director at digital marketing agency JHG. Previously she held various leadership roles in PR, integrated communications and brand strategy, including tech PR agency Townsend Inc, and software-maker Widcomm. Formerly a professional Russian ballet dancer, Liya still continues to train and explore new dance forms in her free time. Follow her @lsharif.
Emily Kilpatrick - Associate Publisher
Emily has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years. While living in Hong Kong, she served as editorial assistant for PCWorld Hong Kong and senior staff reporter for ComputerWorld Hong Kong. (Her most interesting interview was Steve Ballmer.) She worked with Fortune 500 technology clients as a media relations and PR consultant in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley during the dotcom boom. At Qualcomm, she has focused on public relations and media relations strategies for the corporate PR team.
Michelle Kessler - Editor in Chief
Michelle spent more than a decade as a technology reporter and editor for USA TODAY, the country’s largest newspaper. At various times, her duties included running USA TODAY’s social media properties, managing USATODAY.com/tech, and interviewing technorati from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs. As Qualcomm’s Director of Content Strategy, she uses her journalism skills to help tell stories about the ever-changing world of mobility and connectivity.
Anthony Eng - Contributor
Anthony Eng has spent the last nine years learning and writing about the mobile technology space, from air interfaces to video on mobile phones. Before his current gig, he wrote for the real estate and direct marketing industries, focusing on the use of real property and consumer data and their applications in marketing. Prior to that, Anthony covered local businesses in San Diego, CA.
Michael Copeland - Contributing Editor
Michael is a veteran writer/editor with a passion for mobile. Starting out as a news writer at WGN TV in Chicago, he went on to serve as producer/host for two public affairs radio programs. He was the award-winning scriptwriter for The Healthy Kids Show for the Family Channel and helped launch HealthLink-TV for Lifetime Medical Television. With over three decades as a writer, he has worked on editorial projects for high-profile publications including Prevention, U.S. News & World Reports, and USA TODAY.
PJ Jacobowitz - Senior Contributor
PJ got his start in the product review labs at PC Magazine in 2006, where he experimented with and wrote about consumer electronics. He later focused on digital cameras, managing the camera testing lab and posting reviews, as well as working with the smartphone team. In his current role, he creates video, writes blog posts, and develops other content for Qualcomm.
Steve Sanders - Director of Photography
An Emmy award-winning producer, editor and photographer, Steve has worked on productions ranging from music videos to television shows. On any given day, you may find him in Brazil, China, or New York, leading shoots for Qualcomm. He was previously a producer for Cox Communications.
Kim Ziesemer - Communications Manager
As a member of Qualcomm's communications team, Kim is constantly connected to the blogosphere. Keen on the tech beat, she helps Qualcomm spread happenings throughout the interwebs. Kim is obtaining her MBA degree at USD during the evenings and in her free time, she works as a trainer at Crossfit Pacific Beach.
Erik Rhey - Senior Editor
Erik Rhey is the lead editor on Qualcomm Spark. He is a former senior editor of PC Magazine and executive editor of American Express OPEN Forum. He has also been published in Fortune, Budget Travel, The Brooklyn Rail, and other publications. He has taught print and online journalism courses, as well as creative writing classes, at NYU, Hunter College, and The Gotham Writers Workshop. He has a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an MFA in creative writing from The New School.