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March 16, 2012

Bigger Smartphone Screens? Yes Please!

Kyle is Managing Editor and Creative Director of Qualcomm Spark

So it looks like the undulating curve of consumer expectations is continuing to undulate. A new report from The Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Lab finds that smartphone users want a phone with a screen that is larger than their current phone’s screen.

That’s interesting for a couple reasons. For years, device manufacturers have been jamming ever smaller components into ever smaller packages, to offer the tiniest device possible. Now we want giant slab phones that stretch our pockets, if they fit at all.

But be careful what you wish for. Large-screened devices provide a great web-browsing and movie-watching experience, but users with small hands might struggle to type on them.

I carry two phones around with me: an iPhone and an HTC HD7 Windows Phone. The iPhone’s screen is much smaller, but I like both phones for different reasons. When I first got the HD7, my iPhone suddenly felt small in my hand, like a little toy. But now I find myself going increasingly to the iPhone for typing-intensive tasks like email and status updates.

Do you have an optimal screen size? Is it one of the new 4.7-inch giants, or do you agree with intomobile that a 4-inch screen is about right?


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