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March 6, 2012

A Quick Note About Qualcomm Spark

Michelle Kessler is Editor in Chief of Qualcomm Spark

We’ve built Qualcomm Spark to be a platform where industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and everyone else can freely discuss the innovations that are changing our lives. The site and all its content is wholly funded by Qualcomm, but contributors’ and commenters’ opinions are theirs alone; keep that in mind as you navigate the site and leave comments of your own.

One of the elements I’m most excited about is Spark Salon, which is the “op-ed” section for the site. We’re working with some of the leading voices in technology and science to provide their perspectives, and we encourage readers to engage with them and with us—leave a comment, tweet a reaction, or write your own response blog post.

You’ll see smart people from both within and without Qualcomm in the Spark Salon. In the interest of transparency, articles written by non-Qualcomm people have been commissioned by us, but they are not endorsements of Qualcomm or its products. We also want to be doubly clear that the views expressed in Spark Salon articles are the opinions of the writers, not of Qualcomm.

If you have any questions about Spark Salon or a comment for the editorial staff, email us at If you are looking for official news from Qualcomm, you can find it on our news and media page.  

We welcome your thoughts, opinions, and comments (just be sure to adhere to our Posting Guidelines).